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This book has everything a popular book needs to have: fantasy elements, a fully functional fantasy world, use of logic, sex, easy language. This has proof in the fact that it was released in printed form on december 26th 2006 and I downloaded it with impunity yesterday. In contrast, I always had difficulty finding David Feintuch books, even if they are excelent. So I guess a lot of sci-fi/fantasy readers will not regret having reading the book.

However, it is nowhere above average. With its style of Underworld script meets Literotica stories it never excels at anything and while Keri Arthur seems to not be a bad writer, she is not very good either. Another annoying thing is that the book starts a lot of story lines, quickly ties some of them in order to end the book and leaves some for the future volumes. Meaning you can enjoy the book, but only up to a point.

Bottom line, I don't intend to read any more of the series. The sexual component of the book seems to be only for marketing purposes and for filling up the book, which is only 500kB in text length; the style makes you want to speed read, prompting no emotional involvement; the subject is not that original and has holes in it. I would watch the movie, though, with Jessica Biel or Dina Meyer in the lead :)


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