FizzBuzz is a programming task that is often used for job interviews, because it shows the thinking of the candidate in an isolated and concrete case. The requirements may vary slightly, but is goes like this: A loop is going through numbers from 1 to 100. The candidate must write the code in the loop that will display, for each number, a string. This string is: "Fizz" for numbers divisible by 3, "Buzz" divisible by 5 and "FizzBuzz" for numbers that are both divisible by 3 and 5. For all other numbers, just display that number.

There have been many implementations of this, for example my own in JavaScript from a while ago and FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition, which is always a good read about how not to complicate your code. However, since I've last written about it, JavaScript has changed, so I felt compelled to write an updated version. And here it is:
(d=n=>('0369'.includes((f=n=>n>9&&f([...''+n].reduce((s,v)=>+v+s,0))||n)&&f(n))&&'Fizz'||'')+(/[05]$/.test(n)&&'Buzz'||'')||n)*(i=n=>n>100||console.log(n+': '+d(n))+i(n+1))*i(1)

Among the abominations there, some of them inspired by C++ because why not, there are some of the new JavaScript constructs, like arrow functions and the spread operator. I know it seems pointless, but it's not: try to understand what the code does. If you want to see it in action, open Dev Tools in any browser and copy paste it in the console.


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