I had this memory problem that I could not understand. OK, the design of the application was not the best in the world, but why would it always give me a damn OutOfMemoryException when I have a super duper computer with a lot of memory and I have solved issues like heap memory allocation? And the reason is that IISExpress, the default Windows7 ASP.Net web server is running in 32bit mode, meaning it has a maximum of 4GB of memory no matter what you do. Well, you can make IISExpress run in 64bit mode by simply switching it on in the Windows registry. I don't want to copy the content of the article from someone else, so here is a link towards how to do it: Debugging VS2013 Websites Using 64-bit IIS Express.

Just in case you want the ultra fast version, copy this into a file with the .reg extension and execute it:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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