In Windows Presentation Foundation all resources (like ImageSources or Resource packs) are relative to the namespace of the control. So if you have a folder Images that holds your application icons and you use (in the application XAML) an ImageSource of "Images/MyImage.png" it will work. But as soon as the XAML is moved somewhere in a UserControl in the Controls namespace of a library, the ImageSource becomes invalid. It would only work as "../Images/MyImage.png" or "/Images/MyImage.png", even if the Controls namespace is not a folder and the control is in a library, not in the application that runs it!

This is part of a larger idea, that is Pack URIs. Pack URIs are used by the Open Packaging Conventions and are of the format pack://authority/path.

Long story short, authority can be application:/// or siteoforigin:///. The slashes at the end get escaped as commas in a pack URI so you get to have stuff like pack://application:,,,/ResourceFile.xaml. The path is more tricky: AssemblyShortName[;Version][;PublicKey];component/Path.
Attention at the component keyword. It is NOT a folder, but a keyword that must be there when referencing resources from an external library.

Example: I have the Resources/Images/image.png in a library and I want to use it in the XAML that is in the same library. The image source would be something like pack://application:,,,/libraryNameSpace;component/Resources/Images/image.png. Again look out for the component keyword.


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